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As managers of the career of Brazilian child super model Samuel Silva, -one the most recognizable faces in the world of children's fashion-, producers Fredsonn and Julio got to work and/or experience many renowned fashion shows around the world such as Paris Fashion Week, London Kids Fashion Week, Toronto Kids Fashion Week and São Paulo Bazaar Kids Fashion show, etc. Passionate and very committed to their careers in the fashion industry, they decided to put their extensive experience to a good use to create a fashion platform for the creatives of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. And that's how BRAZILIAN KIDS FASHION WEEK came to light.


A fashion show with an international character but with a Brazilian "twist",  BRAZILIAN KIDS FASHION WEEK is a platform created for talented kids around the world who want to take their career to the next level, shining all their way to the top!


If you are a kid model and you want to be part of a wonderful, fully inclusive kid fashion show, come and join us! We'd love to meet you and witness your success on our runway!



BKFW is a beautiful children's fashion show that made its debut in the Bahian capital in 2022. This stunning event showcases both emerging and well established brands and designers, and it also serves as the ideal environment for the professional development of kid models who want to make their dreams come true in the fashion industry.

Conceived by Fredsonn and Julio, two  fashion professionals based in Canada, and in collaboration with a network of influencers, creatives, media partners and sponsors, BKFW has established itself as a reliable platform for kid models, clothing brands and designers in the fashion industry in Brazil.

How our story began! 

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